The Gas Grill of Love: Heidi Bratton at

11891-Two-Entwined-Golden-Wedding-Rings-Clipart-PictureIn her recent article entitled “How Serious Is Your Marriage,” my friend Heidi Bratton observes:

I think we’re a bunch of suburban cowboys living in a gas grill world. We want the flames of love, ignited with just one sparkling courtship and wedding, to keep leaping high while we go off and grab a beer.  But marriage is not even remotely like a gas grill.  Marriage, by its very nature, requires a long-term, personal investment, and not even on eBay will we find a bottomless tank of pressurized love to keep our marriage sizzling in our physical or emotional absence.

Click here to check out the whole article . . . wonderful food for thought!

1 thought on “The Gas Grill of Love: Heidi Bratton at

  1. Coming full circle, my own daughter continues to inspire me – of marriage, of motherhood, of family, of life.

    It matters.

    Heidi’s Mom


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