School Daze: What’s Best for Your Child?

apple schoolToday at F&F I posted a short reflection about how to handle the pressure from friends and family to choose a particular educational model — public schooling, private schooling, or home schooling — for our kids. As I observe there, today we celebrate the feast of St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine (who was always at the top of his class!). She never forgot that a mother’s most important job is not in front of a chalkboard, but on her knees.

Today CatholicExchange ran my article on charter school education. This is a hot topic, especially among Catholic educators who regard these public “alternative schools” with suspicion and concern about what their increasing popularity means for the future of parochial education. However, as our children’s first and primary educators, we need to consider ALL our options, knowing that sometimes the unpopular choice is, indeed, the best one.

What do you think?

1 thought on “School Daze: What’s Best for Your Child?

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