Founder of Special Olympics Dies

Today Lisa Hendey posted this article about Eunice Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, who recently died at the age of 88. This powerful member of the Kennedy family did her best to advocate for the most marginalized members of our society, the mentally and developmentally disabled. (Her sister Rosemary was mentally disabled.)

Here’s one from the Houston Chronicle. It states in part, “In 1993, U.S. News & World Report paid Shriver what is perhaps the highest compliment. Assessing her work with the Special Olympics, the newsmagazine concluded that her efforts on behalf of the mentally disabled could well be the most enduring legacy of her generation of the Kennedy family.”

Rest in peace, Mrs. Shriver — a truly Extraordinary Mom.

1 thought on “Founder of Special Olympics Dies

  1. What a legacy. For even more perspective on the impact of her life on the lives of others, I invite you to check out this video — — about the aha moment of one Special Olympian. It’s just one story about one athlete. Then consider the countless athletes who benefited from their participation in Special Olympics.

    Thanks —


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