Weekend Ponderings: Life (and death) of young, vibrant Catholic girl inspires many to come back to the Church

gloriaGloria Strauss was just 13 when she died of cancer. This young, vibrant Catholic has inspired many to come back to the Church.

This story touched me because of how her cancer was discovered, very much the same way — and at the same age — my sister’s bone cancer was found. In Chris’ case, a horse kick make her knee swell to the size of a grapefruit (which is big, on a seven-year-old). The first doctor said it was a crushed bone … a few weeks later, they found the tumor.

Chris survived, and went on to have two beautiful children (one of whom is serving in Iraq and has a child of his own). This girl’s story ended very differently, and yet it is also a story of what beauty God can make out of tragedy. Her life has inspired many people to turn their minds toward the things that matter … eternal realities we ignore to our peril.

And so, my little sister in Christ, may your angels lead you into paradise,
and may perpetual light shine upon you.
May your soul, and the soul of all the faithful, through the mercy of God rest in peace!

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