#CNMC09: Answering the Call

Today in the keynote address, Father Dwyer talked about responding to God’s call to bring the Gospel to others, using whatever gifts we may have at our disposal. “You may only have 10 subscribers, but you are meeting the needs of those ten people in ways no bishop or priest ever can.”

It’s not about entertainment, not about drawing the high ratings, not “singing to the choir.” It’s about reaching people with real needs, who may never dark the door of a church but who know in their brokenness that they need … something. Something more. Something that draws us together, supporting one another and needing each other.

“When one part suffers, we all suffer; when one part is honored, we are all honored. There is too much polemic in the body of Christ; we must bring together and not divide. Sometimes that means making a choice not to slam someone who has a different view. St. Paul calls us to unity.”

This also has real implications in the world of adoption and foster parenting. There is so much pain and suffering out there, which we have been called to address. Even if it means we take a bit of that suffering on ourselves. I sometimes encounter people who say, “Oh, I could never foster — it would hurt too much if the kids went away.”

“The soul in which grief has cut the deepest, has the greatest capacity for joy.”  If we shy away from all experiences that have potential to inflict pain upon us, we will miss out on some of the most joy-filled and life-giving opportunities for grace. To follow Christ is to take up that cross, and to carry it willingly.

How will you do that today?

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