What Day Is It . . . ? Ah, yes — Lemonade Day!

LemonadeAwardToday my friend Sarah at “Catholic Pondering” sent me this fun award. She says:

So I’m going to keep the warm happy feelings going and list five of the best Lemonade Makers I know, though I’m sure to leave at least as many off the list as are included. This is supposed to be awarded to “a blogger who demonstrates great attitude and gratitude.”

You know, truly Extraordinary Moms! Sarah would have been on my list, too — both Sarahs, actually (hope you’re feeling better after now that you’re out of the hospital, Mighty Mom!) And Alexandra, and Sherri, and Mary, and all the other women out there who read and write and mother with such extraordinary passion and conviction and talent.

Right now, though, I’m going to have to beg for a little wiggle room. It’s been very PRESSURED here at the Saxton house, and I’m having trouble keeping up with life. So can you please just consider yourself tagged, and pass along the love? Thanks!

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