Wee Cook Wednesday: Heidi Hugs

almond-barkAre you looking for a simple dessert for unexpected company, a project for a rainy day afternoons, or a tasty way to fill out a “Comfort Box” for a true chocolate lover?

Try a batch of “Heidi Hugs.” These little gems disappear at every single school or church event I’ve ever brought them to, and when I am asked for the recipe, people often don’t believe how ridiculously simple it is. But that’s part of the beauty of it!

Today I’m on the home stretch of my Catholic Children’s Bible Story Book project, so the blogging is going to be a bit sparse this week (sorry). But I thought I’d pass this along!

Heidi Hugs

1-2 sleeves Ritz crackers (depending on how many you want)
1 jar peanut butter (you only need a cup or so to make a batch, a little more if you like the chunky kind).
1 package Almond Bark (or other candy making chocolate. You can also use chocolate chips with a little square of paraffin to make the chocolate set)

walnut pieces (optional)

Step one:  Make sandwiches of crackers using a teaspoon (or so) of peanut butter. Works best if both crackers are facing top side out. Set on waxed paper.

Step two:  Melt chocolate in microwave about 6 squares at a time (about 2 minutes, medium heat. Take out once after 60 seconds or so, and stir.) Stir well to get out all the lumps.

Step three:  Dunk Ritz sandwiches in chocolate, shake with a couple of forks to remove extra chocolate, place on waxed paper to dry.

Step four:  If this is for a fancy occasion, place a piece of walnut on top of each cookie, drizzle with the last of the chocolate in the bowl using a spoon.

Makes: as many as you want!  I usually get about 4 dozen cookies out of 1 package of Almond Bark.  Store in airtight container . . . but trust me, they won’t last long.

Thanks to Budget Barbie for the photo and link. Have a great week!

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