EMN Mailbag: “Cherish the time you have!”

The following is an excerpt from a letter from Suzanne Slupesky, who wrote to me in response to the last newsletter. It is reprinted with her permission.

Hi Heidi…  Thanks as always, for your news. 

I want to encourage you in the mom thing.  I was a stay-at-home mom to my 2 boys who are now almost 25 and just-turned 22.  I know how “daily” the daily grind is, and when you are in the middle of it, it seems like it will last F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I remember those days well.

I also remember the anger…anger that I didn’t know i was capable of (frightenly so!); the impatience, harshness; wishing in some ways I could have a ‘real job’ yet not wanting anyone else to raise my children.  (I often said that it didn’t matter what else you did with you life if you kids were messed up. I’m not sure I believe that now…that may have been a pretty heavy burden I was putting on myself!!)

Anyway, from my now-vantage-point, I want to let you know how incredibly fast the time will go.  I know you probably hear it from other moms, but it is SO true…literally before you know it, they will be grown and gone.  I remember people saying that to me and thinking …uh, yeah, right?!, but now that I look back on it, it seems it was just the blink of an eye. I would give my eye-teeth to do it all over again; and would in a heartbeat.

SOOOO, in the midst of your “daily”, try to remember to enjoy every minute, every second of your job and what God is doing in you and thru you in the lives of your children. That is NOT to say they will turn out perfect.  My boys, though raised in parochial schools and a solid Christian home, are currently away from the church. Yet I often say “I know it’s IN THERE, because I made sure to PUT IT THERE!”…and know that God will lead them back to Himself.   I just have to know that God loves them even more than I do and He will take care of them.

I guess I just wanted to encourage you that the important thing is to love them and enjoy them each day!

Thanks again for your column and helping others keep the faith!!

Suzanne Slupesky

Uppercase Living Sales Rep


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