Miracle Monday: “Make God Happy” — A Foster Mom in Israel Shares Her Story

Pam at International Mom sent me this wonderful story about this remarkable foster mother of three Israeli special needs children. Petra, who  often writes under the pen-name Christina Boerma, is a published writer who is originally from Holland. She and her husband of almost 30 years have lived since 1989 in Jerusalem, Israel. Presently she is working on her third historical novel.

“I watched as a mother sitting in a row in front of me put an arm around her daughter. The simple, natural gesture touched me. Bill and I had been married for 11 years, knew we could not have children, and didn’t miss them. Why was I so moved now? Why did “adoption” pop into my mind?
“I thought, OK Lord, if this is from you, Bill must bring up the subject.  A few days later, I was flabbergasted when Bill said, ‘If you desire to become a mother, we can either adopt or foster.'”

Confirmations came from different, unexpected sources. For instance, in a Dutch romance (of all places), I read, “The Lord is looking for empty nests, where He can place children that are ‘over’ and ‘too-much’ and are craving for a warm place. Don’t fret, but make the Lord happy by giving one of these children a place in your heart and home.”

To read more of the story entitled “Make God Happy” by Petra van der Zande, click here.

For another inspiring story, check out this post at Patrick Madrid’s blog, about Irena Sendler, a Polish woman (1910-2008) who saved more than 2500 children in the Polish ghettos of Warsaw during World War II.

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