CWCO 2009: Inspiration Monday!

cwco_topic6This is the final day of the CWCO.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it … and will be able to join us again next year! If you have not already done so, be sure to sign up for the e-book and fill out the survey to let us know what you thought of the event.

This event is very much a labor of love. Karina, Ann and I have spent MANY hours putting it all together, free of charge. Our presenters also give of their time without a dime of compensation. We do it just to help other writers grow, to assist in what the late John Paul the Great used to call the “Springtime of Evangelization.”

Even so, if you have been inspired by the conference this year, please do consider donating as generously as you can. We are organizing an in-person conference at the Catholic Marketing  Network in early August — and bringing speakers in for this event will cost real dollars. We are also hoping to make some technological improvements to the website that will expand the kinds of presentations we offer. So please, if you’ve enjoyed your conference, please kick in a few dollars. Every bit helps.

In the coming week, I will be taking a break from my regular blogging efforts, and will be reprising a few classic columns for your general edification and enjoyment. Remember, if you know of someone who is an adoptive or foster mother, or a mother of a special needs child — please be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter by dropping me a line at

God bless you!

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