Miracle Monday: “In Your Eyes” by Victoria Ashmore

Kristen West McGuire — a friend and true Extraordinary Mom, and editor of the Catholic women’s newsletter “My Secret Is Mine” — recently sent me this poem that I thought I’d share with you as today’s “MM” entry. It’s written by the mother of an autistic boy, Christopher. And yet, it expresses with simple eloquence every mother’s heart for her children. Enjoy!

In Your Eyes

(Victoria Ashmore shares this poem with us about her son Christopher, who has autism. Victoria is a military wife whose family is currently living in Montana. We’re so grateful she shared this with us!)


Long days
        And even longer nights
I think time and again
         Something’s not right
Those tell tale signs
         Upon my face
Grow more obvious
         It’s time they trace
And I think to myself
         My youth has gone by
But then you come home
         And I see my beauty in your eyes.


Children are special
         Especially these
God blesses these children
         With special needs.
Days full of battles
         My will against yours
It takes much of mine
         To not slam the doors
The day often dissolves
         Into my own sobs and cries
And then you come home
         And I see my strength in your eyes.


The day gets started
         I’m already behind
It’s hard to get going
         I run out of time
One more mess to clean
         More laundry, more dishes
My heart – 
         It feels bitter and useless
And just when I think
         Compassion and passions all lies
That’s when you come home
         And I see my love in your eyes.

2 thoughts on “Miracle Monday: “In Your Eyes” by Victoria Ashmore

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    youtube.com ~ and type in: “The Phantom of RocK-1”

    P.S. Just wanting to know if the melody was compatible to
    your poem? (to your liking?)


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