Mighty Mom Monday: Hooligan Mass Adventure – Part Deux

Who remembers the Hooligan Mass Adventure? Well, we have a sequel!

We’ll call this one: “How the kids behave at 8:00 AM Mass before Preschool” (on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is why we went to church before school started).

For the sake of convience we went to a church that was new to us.

The Good:

We had an entire pew to ourselves. This was really good during the prayer intentions, as Sugars decided that the missilette books needed to be rearranged in the pew holder.

Every … single … one….

So each “Lord hear our prayer” found me taking a step further down the pew to keep up with her … and Sonshine moving down to stay by me. During the Gospel reading we made our way back to our starting positions as she decided that all those little books looked better in their original positions.

Just call us the Hooligan Family Pew Travelers.

The (could have been) Bad:

As is our norm Subvet carried Sugars to get in line for communion and I stayed in the pew with the boys. Before I was able to position myself between them Gator-boy went to follow Daddy and got in line too. Five people behind Dad, with Dad having no idea he was in line. Instead of going on up and getting with Dad he stood there, patiently waiting his turn……

Fortunately he looked at me and actually MINDED when I gestured for him to come back and kneel with me and Sonshine. Divine Intervention? I’d say so.

The (not really) Ugly:

There were only a few worshippers there on that early Monday morning … and no choir. It was very very quiet. I was missing the choir and realizing just how much they add to the service. Half way through everyone taking communion in silence, Sonshine must have decided that he missed the choir too … as he started singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in a lovely carrying voice.

Maybe we should start going to Mass before every Preschool day … it’d make for an interesting start to the day for sure!

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