Young Mother Needs Miracle: Please Pray

Today Lorraine Hartsook sent me this message about a young mother in need of a Christmas miracle. Please join me in praying for her.

My daughter has a classmate in Dental Hygiene who is around 30, and was  diagnosed with a brain tumor this past June. As of today this tumor is inoperable but there is one chance of a referral to a special lazer treatment in Winnipeg, Manitoba that may help prolong her life by shrinking this tumor, but she must qualify. (I’m not sure what this means)

She is married, her husbands name is Brian and she has three children Nolan, Jada, Blake (ages 2-6years old). Her application has been made for this special treatment as of yesterday, and all of her classmates are having a prayer meeting tommorrow to pray for this miracle.

My daughter called and asked if I would please have others join us in this miracle for Christmas.
God Bless,
Lorraine Hartsook

Lord Jesus, You came to earth to bring Your healing touch to our poor, sick souls. Watch over this young woman now, and her family.  Guide her doctors to make the right decision … In this moment, give her the gift of life. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

2 thoughts on “Young Mother Needs Miracle: Please Pray

  1. blog of a woman who’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor a month after they were married….11 years ago. She tells openly and honestly about the ups and downs of life as she lives it. They have 2 wonderful boys ages 5 and 7.

    When looking for support, this woman has been there and keeps a great attitude.

    God Bless.


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