Sweet-Smelling Tushies … and Other Small Miracles

I’d like to introduce you to Deborah Nicherson at Pipecleaner Dreams.  This single mother of four special needs kids became an overnight hero to one special needs family when she gave away a BidetSpa toilet seat on her contest at “Five Minutes for Special Needs.

Of course, in a very real way, Deborah was already a hero. At “Disaboom,” Karen Putz tells the story of Deborah’s battle with her daughter’s school  to give her daughter the year-round schooling she desperately needed.

What I loved most about the toilet set story is that it reminds us all of an important principle of special needs parenting: You gotta stick together. In this case, one special mom was able to meet a practical, deeply felt need of another special family — deeply aware of how the little things (like good hygiene) can make a difference between a child being accepted (or not) in the world.

If you have been blessed with special needs kids and ever feel the need for a little reinforcement, be sure to check out both “Disaboom” and “Five Minutes for Special Needs”!

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