Mighty Mom Monday: “Baby Shoes”

Sugars is now 18 months old. She has started pulling up and “cruising” pretty regularly so I figured it was about time we bought her a pair of shoes. (I have a barefoot till walking rule)

Now, I have bought a handful of shoes and been given many more. But have not been able to find any that would fit her foot.  She just couldn’t get more than the tips of her toes in any pair I got, no matter what I tried.  Finally, today I took her to a Stride Rite outlet store and had her measured there.

The clerk tells me, “She takes a 6 Extra Wide!!”

Me, “What?? I didn’t know they made Extra-Wide shoes! Especially not in toddler sizes!”

Clerk, “Well, your options of where to buy them are pretty limited.”

Me, “ya think?”

I’m in the checkout line when I notice they have adult shoes too … well since getting shoes for me was on the list for the day also I ankle on over there.

I try on a 9 womens running shoe … nope. too tight. Searched for a 9 1/2 … then I remembered that I usually like men’s shoes better anyway as they tend to be better built and last longer. (I’m a nurse, remember) The smallest men’s size they have is 9 1/2, I’m thinking it’s got to be waaaaaay too big but try it on anyway.


~~~~~~~deeeeeeeeppp breaaaaaths~~~~~~~~~

Well, If we ever decide to move to a colder climate….we WON’T need to buy snow shoes!!

Without further ado, may I introduce The Big Foot Family

Subvet 13 mens
Mightymom 9 1/2 mens
Sonshine -age 4- 1 boys
Alligator -age 3- 11 childrens
Sugars -age 18 months- 6XW toddlers

My Grandpa would say “All Hell couldn’t trip them up!!”

* * * 

Question: How long does it take for a toddler to break in a pair of new shoes?

Answer: One trip to Mimi’s house!!

While Subvet and I enjoyed a night on the town (aka dinner at Red Lobster courtesy of my company –YUMM-OOOYYY–) the hooligans and hooliganette stayed with Mimi and Grandad.

Subvet and I are not sure we picked up the right set of kids.

Mimi said this about them, “They were a delight!! An absolute DELIGHT! No tears, no fussing, we all had a good time, they all talked and talked and played and minded and ate well and just did great!”    I’m not usually at such a loss for words…especially not with my stepmom…but the only thing I could think of was “Are you SURE??”

Mimi was a little upset about the shape of Sugars’ brand new shoes though…she said “Well you would have liked them to look nice for TWO days at least.”


Her expectations were higher than mine…….

I just consider it proof of a good time had by all…….I’m hoping to do it again soon. 

I wonder what Mimi and Grandad are doing tomorrow!!??!!

2 thoughts on “Mighty Mom Monday: “Baby Shoes”

  1. UPDATE: Sonshine got new shoes last week…now my 4 year old is in a size TWO.

    I might need to learn how to make shoes, seems sooner or later we’re gonna outgrow the store’s stock!


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