Lessons from the Littlest Women: Guest Post by Sylvia Dorham

Sylvia Dorham is one of my favorite writers at CE … while I was editing “Canticle,” I begged her to let our readers benefit from her gifted wordsmithing.

Today her column was a poignant reminder of how even young girls are “hardwired” for our vocation to motherhood — no matter how many Tonka Trucks are put in our hands. Whether or not we give birth, that deep-rooted desire to love, to nurture, to relate is evident from our earliest years.

Did you have a favorite doll — or a favorite “doll story” to share?


Lessons from the Littlest Women

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3 thoughts on “Lessons from the Littlest Women: Guest Post by Sylvia Dorham

  1. I wonder about my girl….her fav toy is a DUMPTRUCK!

    but then, I always traded my barbies for my brother’s legos so maybe it isn’t sooo bad……. 😉


  2. Sylvia Dorham wrote an article that I read on Catholic Exchange in November called Thanks-gathering at the White House. It said there would be another gathering at the White House on January 17, 2009 to show Pres. Bush how thankful we are for his strong leadership. My daughter and I would like to plan a trip back to Washington (from San Diego) to participate in this event. How can I contact Sylvia or get more details on the January 17th event?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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