Urgent prayer request

I just received word that Bruno de Solenni, brother of Pia (de Solenni) Conway was killed last Saturday in Afghanistan. The details are here. A letter from Bruno, published today and written September 11, 2008, may be read here.

Please pray for Pia and her family as they begin to process this incredible loss. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Urgent prayer request

  1. CPT Bruno de Solenni is a HERO and a great friend. He had core values of integrity, intestinal fortitude and selfless-service along with a great belief to do right by his country, family and friends and he was brave enough to serve his country to ensure that our “homeland” would be a safer place. He will never be forgotten by me and my family, my Mom always spoke about how great of a friend Bruno was. He was always there in good times and bad times and at anytime when you needed a hand. For people that met him, he was an absolute joy to be around and to hang out with. He was highly educated, a hard worker, a natural leader and had a dynamic personality with an incredible sense of humor. Let’s remember him for these things and aspire to be more like him. The world would TRULY be a better place if we had more folks like Bruno in it.

    “RECON DeSo” I miss you brother.


  2. Am a christaian who had prayed for boy friend for long time since i had known him . Then he suddenly he sent an email that show another girl friend . So I was so suprised and hurted. How can I pray to God . Then I still would like to love him , How can I do ? Pleas give me a good advice and please pray for me


  3. Annie: I’m sorry your heart is hurting right now. Matters of the heart can be difficult to navigate at times — especially when we give our heart to someone who cannot be trusted to take care of it.

    Thankfully, God does not fall in this category. He loves us more than any human being ever could. And so, no matter what stage of life we are in, God answers our prayers three ways.

    Sometimes He says, “Yes.”

    Sometimes He says, “No.”

    Sometimes He says, “Not yet.”

    So often we ask for what we think is good for us … but God sees things more clearly that we can see for ourselves. No matter how much other people disappoint us at times, we can trust God. If we entrust ourselves wholly to Him, we can trust him always to give us what is best for us — and NOT to give us even those things that seem good to us now, but in the end would bring us heartache.

    Annie, I will be praying for you, that the Holy Spirit would be your Comforter in this difficult time. Heidi


  4. greetings,

    please pray for me and my husband we have been trying to have a baby for the past 6-7 years and are unable to do so. Doctors say we cannot have them on our own. We need a miracle from god he’s are only hope and option to having a family. We need him to delivery us out of this and save us bless us with a baby for next year if his will we really need prayer.

    and for our family and friends for financial stability and strength during this time.


  5. I am Prakash Chettri and running Athens Boarding School. Please pray with much burden to our Lord Jesus that He may bless this school abundantly and provide a huge number of students for the coming session.

    Please forward this request to your friends.


  6. MY UNCLE NIKOLA (my mother’s only brother) is in hospital already 3 weeks and his CONDITION IS CRITICAL, even worse than it was. Few years ago he had a stroke and now HIS BRAIN CELLULES ARE ATROPHYING. HE CAN NOT MOVE HIS LEFT LEG AND HAND.


    He is wonderful man, Christian all his life, regulary attended church. Doctor said that now everything is in God’s hands.


    Thank you and may God abundantly BLESS YOU



  7. Bruno aka Recon DeSo still remains on my mind as I journey through life. I was reminiscing with a few friends yesterday in his memory about some of the good times we used to have together. He is still missed. Sometimes we used to hang out at the Tally Ho and at Angelo’s Pizza and simply talk about life. You are missed my brother. Peace, Recon Ranger.


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