What Does Your Doctor REALLY Think?

Ever wonder what your doctor writes about your family after each visit? According to one Australian blogger, the secret (often illegible, though that is slowly changing with computerized medical records) language of doctors has a subtext most of us are simply not privvy to — though it speaks volumes once you learn to interpret it.

Especially during these next few months, when a presidential hopeful spouts off about nationalized health insurance it’s a good idea to keep in mind the big picture.

Today I stumbled on this tongue-in-cheek post at “Dragonfly Initiative” (writes from Australia) entitled “How to Interpret Medical Letters.” Courtesy of “A Chronic Disease Blog,” who commented on our recent migraine post. Thanks, Laurie!

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Doctor REALLY Think?

  1. actually, they’re too busy to worry much about your family…..it’s the NURSES you have to worry about! teeheehee—
    signed NinjaNurse (Mightymom’s alter ego)


  2. Thanks for the link!!
    Actually…we do worry about the families (not that I am a doctor yet, but it’s true! I’ve seen it….), and doctors care a lot more than given credit for (just the business makes it less apparent).
    But as always, the nurses do run the place 🙂


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