EMN: Come and Join the Carnival!

I’ve now figured out how to add links and blogrolls to the site (sorry, it took me a while to adjust to WordPress).

I’d like to officially kick off the “network” by having a Carnival … the “Extraordinary Moms Carnival,” that is! If you write regularly about one or more of these topics, please submit a post, and I’ll add you to the blogroll as a resource for that topic. (If you’d prefer to e-mail me the link directly, send it to hsaxton(at)christianword(dot)com.

To submit something for the first Carnival (to be held August 1), click here.

So far the EMN topics include:

*  Adoption and Foster-Adoption

*  International Adoption (put country in parenthesis)

*  Infertility and Miscarriage

*  Parenting Resources

*  Prayer and Spiritual Support

*  Special Needs (put type in parenthesis)

3 thoughts on “EMN: Come and Join the Carnival!

  1. Hi Heidi:

    I would like to participate but I’ve never done a carnival and I’m kind of clueless as to the mechanics. I cover infertility, miscarriage, IVF and foster care adoption in my blog. When I clicked on the link to submit I got a bit lost. Could you give me some guidance for the clueless?

    Also, does one submit several posts on a topic and you choose among them or how does that work?

    Thanks, Anne


  2. Hi, Anne!

    Thanks for writing! I’d be delighted to have you submit as many links as you like. If they are for multiple topics, just use the following format in the body of an e-mail message (send it to me at hsaxton@christianword.com):

    Name of author: Heidi Saxton
    Name of Blog: Mommy Monsters
    Blog http: http://mommymonsters.blogspot.com
    Post Title: 40 Reasons to Adopt
    Pot http: http://mommymonsters.blogspot.com/40-reasons-to-adopt.htm
    Description: An adoptive-mother gives 40 reasons why she and her husband would choose foster-adoption all over again, if they could, to expand their family.

    Name of Blog: Behold Your Mother
    Blog http: http://beholdyourmotherbook.blogspot.com
    Post Title: Mary, Mother of Adoptive Moms
    Post http://beholdyourmotherbook.blogspot.com/mary-mother-of-adoptive-moms.htm
    Description: An adoptive mother offers this prayer to help her become the parent her children need her to be.

    Does this make sense? (Posts can also be from the same blog, for different categories. Just repeat the information in the appropriate lines.

    Please also be sure to post the EMN button on your blog if you would like to be included in the blogroll. Thanks!



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