When God says, “NEXT!”

Exciting news!  As of today, Behold Your Mother is available with a beautiful new cover, courtesy of my publisher Cheryl Dickow. Cheryl is in the process of putting together the Spanish edition (Contempla a tu Madre), which will be available this fall. The English edition now also includes pages where you can write your own Mary meditations. Fun, huh?

Ah, yes …. Changes can be a very good thing. Today I sent out the first CMN newsletter, in which I recount a time in my life when I sensed God was moving me on to something else … but I didn’t know just what.

I’m in that place again, to be honest. When Sarah and I got back from the Catholic New Media Celebration, I found myself feeling as though I was poised on the edge of a precipice, holding on by my fingernails and unable to see beneath my feet.

Sarah, wise woman, said this to me. “Sometimes when we feel this way, we’re really holding on to God’s shoulder … He wants us to let go so we’ll be safe in His hand.  (My priest told me a variation of this when I went to confession on Saturday, so I’m guessing this is something I need to act on.)

Are you feeling on edge this week? Do you sense change is ahead, and wonder how you are going to cope? Or is the change not coming quite soon enough for you, and are you growing impatient?

Breathe. What you are feeling is normal. It is the simple call of the Father who loves you to wait for Him, to trust Him, to give Him everything in your hands, so He can make something beautiful out of it all.

3 thoughts on “When God says, “NEXT!”

  1. Heidi, congratulations on all of your great news. The Spanish version of your book will be a wonderful resource for many and this new site is tremendous. I will post about it next time I blog and also add it to your ever growing list of credits on your column page at CatholicMom.com – thanks for inspiring me to strive to be an extraordinary mom! Lisa


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