“Dusting” … a new reason for parents of teens to lie awake at night!

A friend of mine sent this to me … At first I thought it was one of those urban legends that sometimes makes the rounds. Sounded too bazaar to be true. A kid, dead from inhaling air in a can?

But I did a little checking, and it appears to be legit. (Note to husband: Skip the “air in a can” keyboard clearners. Dirty keyboards are WAY better than dead teenagers.)

NOTE TO PARENTS: If your kid complains that his tongue hurts, it might be frostbite from “dusting.”

1 thought on ““Dusting” … a new reason for parents of teens to lie awake at night!

  1. Yup, as a parent of teens, this is all too real and very prevalent since it is easy to get (no drug dealers needed); inexpensive; and low risk of parents finding out. Especially for middleschoolers who don’t have the $$ or “sophistication” to try other drugs. Parents be forewarned: ANY aerosol can can produce a buzz or a high if abused– think PAM cooking spray and Redi-whip dispensers. Parents need to understand the dangers of any thing that can be inhaled. Finally, forget the air-can style keyboard cleaners. Buy the right attachment for your vacuum or dustbuster and use anti-bacterial wipes! Those new swiffer-type static-type dusters work well too.


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