Jim and Kerri Caviezel adopt two Chinese children

Catholic Carnival #170 is now up and running at “Book Reviews and More.” Thanks for hosting this week, Steven!

This is my favorite part of a story about Jim and Kerri Caviezel’s adoption plans, which ran on CNE …

Caviezel recalled that he was “completely terrified” at the possibility of adopting a child with a disability, but deep within his soul, he knew that God wanted him to do it.

He compared the fear he felt at the prospect of adopting a child to other “fearful” times in his life. Caviezel explained that in some of the “most important decisions” in his life, he has experienced a “huge fear” and found that he needed to trust God through his faith.

All parenting has a certain amount of … butterflies … associated with it. But adopting older children has a kind of long-term uncertainty that is not for the faint of heart. Only God can make you that strong.

In the words of Blessed Mother Teresa: “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips those who answer the call.”

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