Let There Be … ORDER!

Yesterday the kid switched rooms. I was grateful that, despite the fact that they had different shaped windows in each room, their curtains still “fit” (with a little fudging). Now Christopher has the “big boy” (queen-sized) bed and large room, and Sarah has a little hideaway closer to us.

There was a time in my life — right before I moved to Michigan, in fact — when nearly all my earthly possessions could be packed up and moved in the back of my Toyota Tercel. A few boxes of books and kitchen utensils, a suitcase full of clothes (I was living in California at the time so didn’t have all the bulky winter wear).
Now I couldn’t move either of my children with less than a pick-up. “YOUR son certainly takes after YOU!” I tease Craig not-so-pointedly when Christopher pulls yet another treasure that I have hidden away in the trash. Honestly, what on earth was he planning to do with the leg off a busted Buzz Lightyear? Bronze the thing, apparently.

So, this weekend (or so) has been dedicated to restoring order. I’ll let you know when I manage to shovel out … Gimme a month or two. It’ll take me that long to pry the computer magazines from my DH’s panicked grasp.

You ladies who sort and pare down to essentials without any perceptible interference, how I envy you! (Uh, oh … back to the “Envy” chapter in Raising Up Mommy, followed by a refresher in “Greed”!)

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