Chapters of our Lives

Speaking of capturing those family moments, Bryan Murdoch has posted this week’s Catholic Carnival … dedicated to his father, who died fifteen years ago. Go check it out!

Today over at “Connecting Moms,” you’ll find a familiar face in the “Featured Moms” channel. I was flattered … and delighted … when Sandy (one of the co-creators of CM and author of “Momisodes”) asked to interview me about Raising Up Mommy. They also posted a review here.

During the interview, her questions about the writing process got me to thinking about how our lives are very much like a book … so many chapters, so little time. The challenge …. and the secret … is learning to live in the present chapter. Right?

Anyway … if you’re not already familiar with the Connecting Moms network, why not check it out?

Thanks, Sandy!

1 thought on “Chapters of our Lives

  1. Loved your interview Heidi! I loved learning more about you as a mother, writer, and individual. You are so gifted and kind and it truly shines through your words. Thank so much for conducting the interview with me at ConnectingMoms!


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