Does Your Mommy Monster Need Taming?!

Drum roll, please!

Simon Peter Press has just released …

Moms everywhere will understand what I mean when I say that there are days when the monsters win. Those seven deadly habits — pride or envy, gluttony or sloth, greed or lust or (in my case) anger — eat away at the soul until the very fabric of family life begins to come apart at the seams.

Fortunately, as women we have also been blessed with extraordinary gifts, spiritual antidotes to these sinful inclinations. As we exercise ourselves in virtue — whether that spiritual “weight training” be for endurance or strength — we find the habits begin to fall away.

I should warn you: this book is not written from the perspective of one who has “arrived,” but someone who is still very much sweating in the trenches of motherhood. Some days, by God’s grace, I win. All too often, I don’t. And yet, I have known women who have perfected themselves in these graces, and share their stories along with my own.

In the near future, this “Women of Grace LifeGuide” will be released in group study format, with a facilitator’s guide and video, providing a next step for those who have been through the Women of Grace Foundational Study. For other, it may be your first exposure to the “Women of Grace” apostolate (in addition to “Canticle” magazine, I mean).

Either way, I hope you’ll write and let me know if it’s helped!

God bless you!

1 thought on “Does Your Mommy Monster Need Taming?!

  1. Congratulations Heidi! Women of Grace is something I have been wanting to join for a few years now, maybe this year with a little help with Bush’s tax refund, I may be able to splurge on it! I do hope!!Looking forward to reading your many offerings!Hugs,….and happy Valentine’s Day!


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