Forever Family: Letter to my Adopted Children

Today “Mommy Monster” has hit her “wah… zone,” feeling kinda mellow. And so, to celebrate the moment, here is a little poem I wrote to go with our adoption party invitations:

When God makes parents
He places a special hole in their hearts.
One place for each child He wants to send.

Sometimes that child grows out of love,
safe and warm under his mother’s heart
until he is ready to meet the world.

But sometimes God sees two people
With holey hearts and empty arms,
And says, “Hey! Let’s make a family!”

So the angels spread out, searching high and low,
and east and west, for just the right children.
Then tenderly, carefully they guide them home.

These children have two real mothers:
One carried them in her body, one carries them in her heart.
They have two real fathers, too: one gave them life,
And one teaches them how to live.

Christopher and Sarah,
Since the day your angels led you to us,
We have waited and waited to call you our own.
Now that our arms are full, our hearts are, too.

Thank you, God, for our “forever family.”

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