Advent 2004: Day 2

Today I was awakened by the sensation of a small child poking me in the eye and inquiring in a loud stage whisper: “Mommy, you awake?”

Sadly, I was, after less than three hours of sleep, thanks to my paper writing procrastination skills. At least I got it done.

In lieu of writing said paper, yesterday I made the first batch of fudge of the season. It’s my friend Kimberly’s recipe, which she taught me to make when we were both at what I affectionately call “the convent.” In reality, it was just a REALLY conservative Bible college.

Kimberly was one of those girls that guys would stop mid-sentence to watch her walk down the sidewalk, even in those ankle-length dresses she used to wear in the name of modesty. It is impossible to keep some kinds of beauty under wraps, and Kimberly had that in spades.

Shortly after we graduated from said convent, Kimberly married a nice German guy and they made plans to go to China as missionaries. We kept in touch by e-mail from time to time, then lost touch. I didn’t think anything of it until I got a note from a mutual friend, announcing her own nuptials.

“Will Kimberly be there?” I asked, making conversation.

Maria stared at me strangely. “Then… you haven’t heard.”

Kimberly had been picking her parents up at the Chinese airport when their car piled into the back end of a truck, killing them all instantly. At the time, her husband was in Germany, and it took him almost a week to reach his motherless sons.

By now you’re wondering if I remembered the name of this blog. Just where is the mercy in this, anyway?

Today is the second day of Advent, a time of preparation for the coming of the Christ Child. As I make Kimberly’s fudge, I remember my friend who is celebrating Christmas in heaven, and I resolve to work a little harder to get ready to go there myself.

A blessed Advent to you and yours.

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